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On this page, you will find reviews of various restaurants located in Coral Springs, Parkland, Coconut Creek, and Margate, This way you can get an idea of what some restaurants excel in, from soups and appetizers to main courses and desserts. So besides the great free coupons or special offers our restaurants offer, you'll experience many dishes or special items reviewed here. So here we go...

4685 N. University Drive,
Coral Springs
, 954.344.6644

This little restaurant's wings have extra large flavor. Unlike most wings places, Wings-N-Ale's wings are grilled. That means extra crispiness and less fat or grease you might find at other wing restaurants. Plus, it's a bit healthier! But that's not all. On different days of the week, Joe the owner features a special soup created by him. One particular soup he is widely known for is his Italian Wedding Soup. Most Italian Wedding Soups are a bit on the watery side, but not his. It is absolutely phenominal, thick with small meatballs, pasta, and some veggies. If you've never tried this soup, give Wings-N-Ale a call to find out which day it's available.  Andrea K, Parkland

5906 Coral Ridge Drive,
Coral Springs, 954.754.4600

Besides making absolutely delicious bagels (their sesame bagels have a fantastic flavor), they also offer a wide range of dishes such as their overly delicious grilled chicken breasts and wonderful salads from tuna and chicken to nova spread. Also, I have to warn you about their cakes...WOW!! Just super! And if you liked Cinnabun, you would go crazy over their cinnamon buns, which consist of a good amount of cinnamon and plentiful frosting covering every inch of it. I think they are absolutely the best cinnamon buns I have ever had. - Gary H,  Coral Springs

10726 Wiles Rd
Coral Springs, 954-753-2727

OK, Italian ices are always a nice refreshing treat, but Cecilie's is quite a bit more. They have a tasty and texture unlike any ices you have ever tasted. They are actually rich and creamy. If you purchase their carrot or banana cake for example, it tastes like you're eating rich cake only they're ices!! In my opinion, they have the most unique and incredible rich texture and flavor anyone has ever tasted.
- Jay F, Coconut Creek

Huey Magoo's Chicken Tenders
9216 Wiles Rd, Coral Springs
(954) 669-1229 |
OK, it's a small chain eatery, but being a chain doesn't make it bad. In fact, they serve up the absolute best grill chicken tenders that comes with their own Magoo's sauce. The sauce has a bit of a Russian dressing flavor with a very mild spice kick to it. Fantastic. I had the grilled tenders but fried was also an option. That with a nice soft bun and fries that come with it is quite a filling meal and a great one at that. They also have a nice selection of salads. In addition, in nice weather, eating outside is a pleasant experience. I highly recommed this place! - Alice G, Parkland

Coral Springs (click on the link for locations)
Being from New York, we tend to go for oversized thick and rich pizza, which is exactly what Pasquale's offers. Plus, their sauce is excellent, which adds to the great quality of their pizza. Besides pizza, Pasquale's offers a super selection of sides as well as heros.Their wings are absolutely delicious. Also, my favorite hero is their Philly cheesesteak. Just amazing. I usually go to the restaurant in Coral Springs on Coral Ridge has a nice outdoor patio which I always like. So if you want great New York style pizza and so many more menu items, I highly recommend Pasquale's. - Mike H, Coral Springs